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IRN M: Disciplinary committee of Iranian League suspends Saeid Marouf!

please see this news:

stoychev will travel to Iran next sunday. Reply

ITA M: Piacenza in trouble, spectacle in Perugia

i couldnt agree with you more. And i have been very curious about Ishikawa's transfer and why he hasn't started or featured in the team until yesterday. He is a great prospect and wouldn't have played for a big club like Modena if they didn't think he was that good.
To say he has to prove himself as a starter at club level is true but he is definitely overrated. to be voted best outside spiker at a major tournament like the World Cup is no fluke.
am a big fan of his and would definitely love to know what the manageament of latina isn't seeing in him that he hasn't featured more. That's what i think Reply

ITA M: Piacenza in trouble, spectacle in Perugia

I'm just questioning the 'overhype' about Ishikawa on this website. It makes no sense to me. Since the newsflash about his new contract, until now, already several weeks, maybe a month or longer present in Latina and still nowhere close to the starting-six. According to WoV was he going to be a player in the starting-six of the team in favor of Klinkenberg, and I know that Ishikawa was not in the team from the beginning but by now -according to how much attention he receives by the media- should he have been playing in the starting-six at least once. That's just how I think.

And about Latina's results I'm not that much interested about they're now 11th but I still see a possibility for them becoming 8th, that they lost that much by now is not suprising to me, there are teams that you could consider as being 'out of reach' and against the rest that are more or less equaly strong they win sometimes and lose sometimes, even then you can't expect them to win all the time, I just have a problem with the popularity of one player in the team who still has to prove himself in my eyes. Reply

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Beach volley sites ?

Quote:Hi WOV . I would like to know if there exists a website like yours about Beach volleyball where i could find videos about our opponents . It is for the continental cup ;-) . Thanks ! Hens Pascal ( belgian coach )   have you tried to google?

Download games

Quote:Is there a chance ai download somw games from WoVVideo database? Did anybody do this? Please help me how it works...   that would be great, If someone could Quote:download somw games from WoVVideo  

Did You Know?

Quote:You have never seen this kind of defence before (VIDEO) We bet you haven't :)   something like this I see for first time. It's amazing